Calling all wedding enthusiasts… Are you curious about what goes on behind the scenes at a wedding venue like the Barn at Barra Castle? As an expert team of wedding planners, we’re here to show you what the life of a wedding venue team is really like. So grab a glass of bubbly and let’s dive in!


6:00 AM – Rise and Shine…

There’s no such thing as a long lie on a Saturday… We rise bright and early to begin prepping for the big day ahead. This involves everything from setting up the ceremony chairs and tables to making sure the loos are stocked with plenty of supplies (trust us, this is important).


9:00 AM –The 3 C’s – Coffee, Coordination & more Coffee…

With the ceremony and reception areas set up and ready to go, it’s time to coordinate with the suppliers who will be bringing the wedding to life… Not before the all-important coffee run, of course! This means checking in with the on-site catering team, florist, photographer and band to make sure everything is on track and running smoothly.


12:00 PM – Let’s do lunch!

All this running around is hungry work, so it’s time for a quick lunch break… But there’s no rest for the wicked, as we’re always on call in case of any last-minute issues we can help with!


2:00 PM – Arranging Guests to be Seated

As the guests start to arrive, it’s time to make sure everyone is seated and comfortable. We’re on hand to help direct guests to their seats and answer any questions they may have.


4:00 PM – Here Comes the Bride!

It’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for – the bride is about to make her grand entrance. As the wedding team, it’s our job to make sure everything runs smoothly, from coordinating the music to making sure the cutest little bridesmaid makes it down the aisle (indoors or outdoors) with ease.


7:00 PM – Let the fun be-gin!… It’s time to celebrate

With the ceremony and cocktail hour behind us, it’s time to let the real party begin. We’re on hand to make sure everything from the speeches to the cake cutting runs smoothly. And of course, we’ll be keeping an eye on the bar to make sure the guests are well taken care of (hey, someone’s got do it!).


12:00am – Wrapping things up… The Barra way!

As the night winds down and the guests begin to head home, it’s time for us to begin cleaning up. This involves everything from dismantling tables and chairs to sweeping up the dance floor. And with a smile on our faces (and maybe a little bit of exhaustion in the bones), we’ll be ready to do it all again for the next happy couple.


Until next time!

There you have it, folks – a day in the life behind the scenes of a wedding at the Barn at Barra Castle. A lot of time & effort goes in on the lead, but it’s also incredibly rewarding to see the joy on the faces of the happy couple and their guests.

So if you’re planning your own wedding, be sure to give your venue team a little extra love – they’re working hard behind the scenes to make your special day unforgettable.