Welcome to Barra Castle, where the staff are always singing and the music is always on point! Today, we’re talking about the role of music in weddings and giving you some tips for choosing the right playlist. So put on your dancing shoes and let’s get started!


First things first, let’s talk about the ceremony. This is where you’ll set the tone for the entire day, so you want to choose music that reflects your personalities and your love story. Maybe you’re more of a classical couple, in which case you might want to consider some elegant string quartet pieces. Or perhaps you’re more of a traditional pair, in which case you could go for something a little more of the sound of home with an accordionist or fiddler.


Now, onto the reception! This is where the real party starts, so you want to make sure you have a playlist that gets everyone out of their seats and onto the dance floor. You’ll want to mix it up with some classic hits that everyone knows and loves, as well as some newer tunes that will keep the younger crowd happy.


Of course, it’s important to remember that this is your day, so don’t be afraid to throw in some personal favourites. Maybe you and your partner have a special song that you want to dance your first dance to together, or maybe you have a guilty pleasure that you just can’t resist. Whatever it is, this is your chance to let your personalities shine through and create a playlist that’s as unique as you are.


Last but not least, consider hiring a DJ or ceilidh band to keep the party going all night long. They’ll be able to read the crowd and adjust the music accordingly, so you can sit back and enjoy the festivities and your favourite moves without worrying about the playlist.


There you have it, folks – some tips for choosing the right music for your wedding day. Just remember, it’s all about creating a playlist that reflects your personalities and makes everyone feel like dancing. And with the Barn at Barra Castle as your backdrop, we’re sure your wedding will be music to everyone’s ears!