When it comes to building a sustainable wedding list, there are plenty of ethical and eco-friendly options to choose from. You can opt for gifts that are made from natural materials, support small local businesses & make efforts to have a low carbon footprint.


One idea is to register for incredible experiences instead of physical items. Consider signing up for a cooking class, wine tasting, or weekend getaway. Not only will you have an amazing time, but you’ll also be supporting local businesses and making memories that will last a lifetime.


If you do want physical items, think about items made from sustainable materials like bamboo, recycled glass, or organic cotton. You can even register for items that help reduce waste, like reusable beeswax wraps or a compost bin.


Another option is to support social enterprises or fair-trade companies that give back to your local community. Consider registering for products that support artists cooperatives, support local producers, or give back to environmental causes.


And don’t forget about supporting the local community! Register for gifts from our Highland & Aberdeenshire businesses and artisans. Not only will you be supporting the local economy, but you’ll also be reducing the carbon footprint of shipping and transportation. If you’d like a list of local producers and businesses in our Aberdeenshire region, don’t hesitate to ask the team.


When building your sustainable wedding list, remember to be creative and have fun! With so many eco-friendly options available, you’ll be able to create a registry that reflects your values and makes a positive impact on the planet.


Whether you’re looking for ethical gifts, eco-friendly experiences, or sustainable home goods, Barra Castle is the perfect place to start your journey towards building a green and sustainable future together.


A little effort makes a huge difference… Here’s to the start of a beautifully sustainable love story.