Hey there, free-spirited lovebirds! In this blog, we’re sharing tips on how to create a bohemian wedding in our barn venue, complete with plenty of playful spirit.


Let’s get down with the flora & fauna… Embrace Nature!

At the heart of a bohemian wedding is a love for nature and all its beauty. So when planning your wedding at Barra Castle, think about ways to incorporate natural elements into your decor. Consider using wildflowers, greenery, and wood accents to create a natural, rustic feel. You could also incorporate natural elements like stones, crystals, and or even water features into your centrepieces and bouquets.


Have some fun with Colours

A bohemian wedding is all about embracing bold, vibrant colours and patterns. So don’t be afraid to play with colour when planning your decor. Think jewel tones like emerald, sapphire, and ruby, or earthy tones like terracotta and rust. You could also incorporate bright pops of colour with playful accents like colourful rugs or throw pillows. A bright red heel peeking out from under your incredible white dress can always raise the fashion stakes too!


Mix and Match until your hearts content!

One of the hallmarks of bohemian style is the art of mixing and matching. When planning your wedding at the Barn at Barra Castle, consider mixing different textures and patterns to create a playful, eclectic feel. Consider mixing vintage furniture pieces with modern accents, or pairing lace and crochet textures with bold prints. Colour blocking is one of the newest wedding trends too so combine red and orange, or green and purple with absolute confidence!


“Fashions fades, style is eternal”

A bohemian wedding is all about embracing individual style and self-expression. So when it comes to fashion, don’t be afraid to have fun and play with different styles. Consider flowy, boho-inspired dresses for the bridesmaids, and suspenders with bow ties for the ushers. And of course, the bride can embrace her inner bohemian goddess with a flowy, lace or crochet dress, accessorized with a stunning flower crown or a boho-inspired veil.


No matter how you choose to bring your bohemian wedding vision to life, the Barn at Barra Castle is the perfect venue to make it happen. With historical rustic charm and natural beauty, it’s the ideal backdrop for a whimsical, bohemian celebration. So embrace your free-spirited side and get ready for a wedding that’s full of boho charm and playful spirit.