Our Family

Since 1904, the Stephen family have been part of the very soil here at Barra Castle and over the duration of our stewardship, we have seen Barra grow, develop, expand and evolve into the incredible home and business that it has become.

From the Barn to the Berries and across all of our farming and hospitality ventures, Barra has its family at the heart of operations and the team here at Barra make that heart beat. One mission, one family, one goal, our team has been the driving force behind all our success and will continue to be at the forefront of our future plans.

Our Team

Our staff make Barra what it is and what it strives to be and we are incredibly grateful that our team carry the stewardship of Barra in their veins. Heritage is key but our people will be the kinetic energy that drive us into the future potential of this incredible and magical place. Meet our Rogues Gallery of Barra Farm staff. These guys are the A-Team of keeping the plan in action, the machinery oiled, the quality standard assured and yes, even the sun shining. We wouldn’t be Barra Castle without them.