The Infamous Barra Berries

The life of a Barra Berry is a good one. Strawberries, Raspberries and Blackberies all begin their Barra lives in grow bags housed in our Barra Berry Metropolis of poly tunnels. Over 18km of tunnels allow the seedlings to grow into the beautiful bright and bold Barra Berries that are hand picked and sold in both our Farmshop and distributed to local suppliers.

Planted with care, pollinated by Mother Nature, cultivated in the Aberdeenshire soil and carefully picked by us here at Barra. They make their way from farm to table and even into Barra ice cream and jams in the most organic, ethical and non-compromising way possible.

We hold and hit a high benchmark for our Berries and in the more than 500,000 punnets sold every year you know that quality assurance is, well, absolutely assured.


Want to learn more about the life of a Barra Berry?  Get in touch to find out more about our Barra Berry Tours

The Barra Family Farm

The Barra Farm doesn't just stop at growing Berries.. Since he began farming at Barra Castle in 2000, Farmer Dave dedicated 20 acres of land to growing the famous berries, but an amazing 400 acres of land are for Barra's own sheep and cows - the lambs from the farm are often the hightlight of our spring weddings! 

We also grow and produce our own veg which can be sampled and purchased within our Farmshop!